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Barcelona update

Right – hello! I have spent the past week not writing content, as hoped, but fixing my website and reuploading November’s content. Persistence has paid off, however! Here is a week-old post. Cast your mind back to December 13th, ladies and gentlemen…

Blimey, it’s been a while since we’ve had an update on how Barca’s going, hasn’t it? There’s a very good reason for this – it’s largely because I’ve been out there doing things to write about, which is great for making good posts about stuff to do, although it makes things harder to actually sit down and transfer scribbled notes into coherent sentences. Especially as my handwriting is awful (“Eeglacius? Nope, scratch that sentence…”) I’ve got a couple of interesting posts in the pipeline, including one on budget Barcelona that was created more out of necessity rather than choice (all to be revealed!).

My Mum proudly informed me the other day she’s going to start reading my blog. This is pretty cool! If you’re going to be writing nonsense, it’s nice to have at least one regular reader. She’s about five months late to the party, but never mind. On the minus side, it means I have to cut down on the extraordinary number of references to sex, drugs and rock and roll I fill these posts with. Damn!

Also, this weekend (er, last weekend) was spent in the company of my rather marvellous work colleagues Ben and Joshua. Between us, we have a plethora of nicknames that range from the understandable (Parge, Nosh) to the downright weird (Sir Noshua, Taubinator) and aside from a brief but unavoidable period where Josh contracted some horrible illness, all was well. Much was achieved and there is plenty to discuss, perhaps most importantly a return to Montjuic. However, there was also the revelation that the bins in Barcelona are pretty intimidating, hanging around on street corners as if waiting to beat people up, and that the city seems to be a favourite for beagle lovers. Here are a few photos from that weekend.

Barca Blog 40Barca Blog 41Barca Blog 42

But this week will be dedicated to getting those final Japan posts out of the way. I figure four months after a trip is way too long to still be writing about it, but also, I am excited to announce I will be spending Christmas and New Year in London! Whoop whoop! There will be reunions aplenty with a number of old English friends, plus a few unexpected surprises, and I want to keep the updates relatively current as I have a LOT planned and don’t want to be writing about it in April.

How’s the Spanish, Alex?

Surprisingly, pretty good! I’ve decided to give myself a pat on the back this weekend after watching Pan’s Labyrinth. Even though I still can’t hack it without the subtitles, I am finally beginning to pick out individual words and sometimes phrases from the constant stream of castilian. Have resolved to watch more Spanish films in the future as a result.

Finally, here is a photo of me having some fun in Barcelona at a mojito night. You can see my new Catalan friend Sara (we are practically neighbours) and English buddy Jason. We are in touch and it’s a shame we won’t be able to spend New Year together as they will be in Barca and I will be in London. But still – we are in touch! Cheers, guys!

Barca Blog 43

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